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LogicIQ Ltd is a research organisation for inventing, developing and proving new internet-based businesses.

How do we work?

Lots of internet-based businesses get started. Very few succeed spectacularly, a lot linger on without making it big and a lot fail. The best way to determine if a particular idea has big potential is to try it out. However, for the trial to be meaningful and attract significant numbers of real users, the idea being trialled must have the appearance of something which is there to stay. This means starting a limited company, registering for VAT (UK sales tax), organising on-line payment facilities, being aware of and complying with various laws and regulations etc. Organising this infrastructure is non-trivial and takes time.

Internet-based businesses usually go through a series of steps: having an idea, raising money, forming a company, developing the idea, trialling the product and evaluating the results. If the business is not a success and the money runs out, the company has to close. This is wasteful since all the infrastructure which was put in place disappears.

LogicIQ continues to invent, develop and test new business ideas within an existing infrastructure. It is very difficult to predict in advance if an internet business idea will be successful: one simply has to try it out. LogicIQ has developed a number of ideas in the past. The company continues to generate and develop new ideas which have potential to become big.

Main benefit of this approach

Probably the main benefit of having a suitable infrastructure in place is that one can move very fast from validation to mass exploitation. Unlike traditional product companies where the IP (Intellectual Property) can often be protected by patents, this is not practical for internet-based companies. Achieving critical mass quickly and then growing fast is the only way to succeed. For this to happen, it is important that when a good idea is discovered and successfully trialled, one can develop and market it within an existing infrastructure.

LogicIQ provides this infrastructure.

Would you like to suggest an idea?

If you have a world-beating internet-based business idea that is only waiting to fly, do get in touch. We have the infrastructure in place, the experience and the funds to try it out.

Who is behind LogicIQ?

Dr Jan Hruska, the co-founder of Sophos Group plc.